The Triumphant Return of Dizziness.


May 22, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

Now with new and improved spinniness.

I’d like to start out today’s post by wishing a very Happy Birthday to the Bean herself. Be sure to wish her one as well.

Yesterday was a weird day. I mean I changed more lightbulbs. That much was obvious. I knew that was going to happen. Did I know that I’d find Digiorno frozen sausage pizzas at Walmart?

No. No I did not.

See? Weird.

No one ever has sausage pizzas. There is this whole anti-sausage pizza conspiracy thing I have going. Just know that you never find sausage pizzas anywhere. Always sausage and  pepperoni. Never just sausage. And as soon as I find some, they immediately sell out. Which means people buy them. Why don’t they carry them all the time? Because the people controlling the pizzas hate me. Not other people. Just me.

Sure, I can find shitty cardboard sausage pizzas. The kind that cost a dollar. But I don’t want those.


Tastes like suffering!

I want a decent pizza. One I won’t have to doctor up to cover up the shitty cardboardness of it. I want one with a rising crust that tastes good. Sure, every once in a while I’ll want to relive the good old days of having no money and surviving on shitty cardboard pizza and “Oriental” ramen. But mostly these days, I want to enjoy what I am eating. I want to be thankful for good food rather than being thankful that I have food. I am thankful I have food. I have progressed, like an inchworm. Now I can be thankful for good food.

I haven’t slept much.

But I found this:

It’s about old men, so I’m probably going to relate to it. Damn kids. Get outta my yard.

Today is the new and improved Thorsday. I am going to squeeze work into an already busy day. I’ll let you know how that works out for me. Wish me luck.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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