They Lock Us In the Tower.


May 28, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

Whenever we get caught.

Heya friends. Today is the day I share videos with you. Mainly because I can’t think of anything funny to say. While my tale of hammering hinges all day yesterday (and making the appropriate Druid jokes while I worked) would keep you on the edge of your seat, I think this is probably going to be more worth while.

Okay, before we begin, I just wanna mention that Deinonychus is working on a new section for her site dedicated to the awesome (looking) food she has been making as of late. To the best of my knowledge, the new section is still under construction, but keep an eye out for new stuff on there.

So, onto the videos. First up, the Scott Bradlee crew released a new Saturday Morning Slow Jam a few days ago:

Awesome, right? The only thing that could have made that more awesome would have been Ashley Stroud.

Ashley Stroud


Babies. So many babies. Five hundered of ’em.

Moving on.

Next up is a tune Lucky sent me. It is the delicate coming together of two giant forces:

That was pretty friggin’ amazing.

The last video I’ve got for you, as to not attempt to steal Dave’s gig, is this rather touching look inside Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time:

That is just part one. Or so I’m told. It is pretty rad getting to see the guys being themselves. Seeing them just do what they love with their best friends. Single tear type stuff.

All right. I’ve got to go endure day three of the new workouts.

One last note, I picked up this poster last night on an impromptu hangout with Teacher Sis:


I’m hunting around to see if I can find a Marvel one as well.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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