You Like the Name?


August 22, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

I took it from, uh, my favorite historical character.

And my second-favorite Szechuan restaurant in Brooklyn.

I’d like to begin today’s post by wishing a round of Happy Birthdays to Mama Wombat, Operation B, and Taco Planet. In no particular order. Be sure to wish them happy ones as well.


Since it is Friday, I thought I’d give you that new new. Not to be confused with NuNu.

There is a new episode of the Pathfinders waiting for your consumption. You can find your way to it. You’re a grown-up. Or at least grown-up-ish.

Also, Dave just added the 6th Redcast on Red Circle Radio.

And then, there were white girls:

Siberians, yo. And random Bob Marley. Yet another reason I need to go to Siberia. That and the average ratio of men to women is 0.86:1.

Speaking of averages, the average high temperature today in Nova Scotia is 72°F (22.22222222°C). sigh.

It isn’t quite that pleasant here. Right now. Before the sun is even up. double sigh.

I’m going to go earn my super nachos.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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