And Oz Never Did Give Nothing To the Wolfman.


September 29, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

That he didn’t, didn’t already have.

Yesterday was a day of house stuff. And then DeePee came by and we made cream of mushroom soup. Let me just begin by saying that I am not particularly fond of mushrooms. Sure, I’ll eat them if they are on pizza or in a dish, but I won’t go out of my way to put them in my food.

So, when he said he wanted to make cream of mushroom soup, I wasn’t really excited about it. And then we made it and I tasted it. I am now excited about it. Here is the closest thing I could find to what we made:

Ignore all of the foam and glass coffee cup business. Or the garnish. Make the soup. And puree the shit out of it. It is so savory that it tickles my reptile brain.

Today is Nerd Club day. It is the inaugural meeting and I am going to meet and greet this year’s nerds. And I’m going to introduce them to Munchkin and possibly Pathfinder. I had planned on showing them this video:

But I changed my mind because they say “dammit” a handful of times and, at some point, someone gets called “a dick”. I think it’s funny. They’d think it’s funny. And then someone’s parents would find out and Teacher Sis would lose her job, subsequently forcing her to sell my house to make ends meet, and thus rendering me homeless. I don’t want to be homeless. So I’ll just tell the kids to look it up when they get home and never speak of it to their parents. Ever. Or face the wrath of 10,000 demons or something.

Goddamn kids. With their crystal meth. And their Lady Gaga music.

But before that fun, I have to go workout. We are starting the new experimental workout today. Hooray?

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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