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October 31, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

Get cut.

Happy Halloween.

It’s not my thing, but some people seem to REALLY love it. Every time I put pants on I consider it a costume, so I’m not really into wearing more costumes these days. And candy? Well, I’m a grown-up. I can eat candy and drugs for dinner if I want to.

I’m not trying to poo-poo on your holiday. I’m happy for you. Really I am. No seriously. Some people look forward to Halloween. Some people look forward to going to the dentist. I am the latter.

Here, have some spooky things:

spooky Art 2[1]


Tonight, Taco Planet is hosting the Rev. Dark Wombat’s Halloween party in Lippincottonia. I have no other details because I didn’t plan it. Just make assumptions.

The question of the hour is “Will I be at this party?”

That’s a very good question. I don’t have a costume prepared. And I don’t really feel like seeing people. So, I am considering hiding in my studio and taking portraits of people in costume. Or maybe I’ll just eat some Super Nachos, watch Chef, and pass out around 9pm. Who knows?

You’ll just have to wait and see.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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