Free Baby.


November 11, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

It’s cheaper than adoption.

My business trip got canceled. So, I got a new kitten. Her name is Rudie.



Eazy is pissed. Kingston really wants to hug her, and squeeze her, and call her George. She is still really freaked out. Mostly she just hides behind the couch. She has started to hiss at the boys, so we are making some sort of progress, I guess.

I got her from my Prince Jazzbo. He has enough cats. And she was free. A free baby cat. Speaking of free babies…

Since I won’t be going on my trip, I get to work on getting little Miss Rudie her shots and whatnot. I also get to work on having the heater in my truck fixed because it is about to get balls cold here.

In other news, shuddup.

I’m off to buy rings and hooks.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


  1. Jessica says:

    Can I pleeeeaaaase come over and meet the kitten??

  2. princejazzbo says:

    I still have one more kitten that could use a home…

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