You’re Goo Enough. You’re Smarm Enough.


November 8, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

And by goodness, people only mildly despise you.

Sometimes, I wake up with the blood rage. It’s as if the Blood God desires blood. I’m not saying I’m angry. I’m saying that I am filled with the desire to crush my enemies on the field of glorious combat.

And I’ll probably get my chance today. Rumor has it that Teacher Sis and I are heading up the hill to go ride go-karts and play laser tag. They will feel the sting of the Monarch!!!


Or whatever.

I plan on having a good time. Come Hell or high water.

Things that made me laugh yesterday? This for starters:

Yeah. And your dumb face. And be sure to watch the panda video that it suggests at the end. (Welcome to the rabbit hole.)

Why am I still here? Those go-karts aren’t going to crush my enemies by themselves.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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