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December 9, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

Or don’t. Whatever. It’s cool.

I’d like to begin today’s post by wishing a very Happy Birthday to Oxi Lox. Be sure to wish her one as well.

Oh, man. I have so much to tell you today.

Yesterday was a very productive day. For starters, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve uploaded the next 5 episodes of the Pathfinders.

I also finished printing the first of my card commissions. I’ve got to wait for them to dry so that I can cut them to their final size. I also got the printing done on half of everyone’s Grismas presnent. Wanna see it? All right, but it’s not very exciting yet:

Green Cards

After I got done printing, but before I had gone to work, I came home to grab my lappie and found two days worth of Cards Against Humanity’s Holiday Bullshit waiting for me. Behold Day 2 and (possibly) 3 of the Tens Days (or Whatever) of Kwanzaa gifts:

Day 2 and 3 BS

Day 2’s gifts were all of those glorious stickers. Yes, those are stickers. Day (maybe) 3’s gift is the red rectangle below the giant “fuck” sticker. It is a set of expansion cards. You. Are. Not. Ready.

Then, Teacher Sis sent me this cat video:

And Janie J. pointed me at yet another t-shirt company online. They have awesome stuff. Wondering what to buy me for Grismas? May I suggest this. Be sure to zoom in on the shirt. And look at the back of it.

After I finished working at my day job. I came home, ate some chicken and rice, and worked more on the Magnum Opus. Here’s the progress at the end of the fourth day of working on it:

Yarn Day 4

That’s right. I completely untangled one skein. I then rolled it into a neat little ball and put a rubber band around it. Then the hunt for the end of the next skein began. I got a couple of false starts. There are random short broken pieces of string mixed in there, which takes this hot mess to a whole new level.

And that pretty much summed up my day.

Today I am going to work more on everyone’s Grismas presnents. And, hopefully, the M.O. a bit more.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. oxilox says:

    Thank Adam I didn’t expect this lil shout out c: really made me smile.

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