I Need To Bake Cookies.


January 27, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

It’s that time again.

Cookie time.

And math. It’s Math time, too.

To warm us up, my Math girlfriend bakes with some friends of hers.


My cookies and my Math will remain separate for simplicity’s sake. Just know in your heart of hearts that they are all mixed together like organelles in cytoplasm. Chunks of gooey chocolatey numbers suspended in a matrix of buttery mathematical law dough.

And this is where the lines blur slightly. Or my drugs just kicked in. Either way.

The average person claims that they are not good at two things:

1) Math

2) Baking

I call bullshit.

People claim to be bad at Math. Americans, at least, wear it like a badge of honor or something. BEING SHITTY AT SOMETHING IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF. It should be motivation to work harder at it and become good, or at least passable, at it.

I think most of this comes from the average person’s inability to view things abstractly. But that’s a rant for another time.

I want to talk specifically about ratios and proportions today. Like all things in my life, one thing that I’m doing in one part of my life makes me think about all of the other things, and soon I see relationships between things. Working with a student on ratios and proportions makes me think about the relationships of quantities of ingredients in cookies. I make connections between things. I see patterns and relationships. I compare things.

That is called ratios and proportions.

The relationship shared between two or more things. The quantity of hairs on my head to the number of pens I have in my top desk drawer. The sizes of measuring cups needed for baking cookies. The amount of cookies my eyes think I can eat versus the amount my stomach thinks I can eat. These are relationships. Everyone can see them. If they work hard. Sadly, it is easier to sit around and talk about how much you aren’t good at something. Easier than working at getting better.

Baking is no different. You have to burn a fuckload of cookies before you understand how your oven works at your specific elevation in your specific humidity. How your baking sheets responds to the heat distribution of your oven. You have to establish a relationship with your kitchen.

And like ratios and proportions, our personal relationships with other people are just comparisons to various things. You consider someone’s taste in music or movies or books “good” simply because it aligns with your tastes.

People are like cookies.

We’re all cookies, but some people have more chunks of yummy stuff than others.


Yesterday, I made some more cards. Two new ones, in fact. If you haven’t seen them yet , check ’em out:

Two New Postcards

I plan on printing a few more today. Making things to sell to you. That’s what I do.

That and bake cookies.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    Math is boring. But, not as boring as hearing you, or your pretend girlfriend, explain how great it is.
    I do like cookies though.

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