Of Mice and Miniature Tigers.


January 15, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

Also known as house cats.

Yesterday morning, as I stumbled back from the bathroom after emptying my bladder, not quite awake and eyeglassless, I caught a glimpse of Rudie playing with something. At first, I thought it was a ball of fuzz or string or something. Keep in mind, she was being her normal batshit-crazy-ass self. That is to say, she was throttling the shit out of whatever it was she was “playing” with.

It wasn’t until I had affixed my glasses to my face again that I noticed what it actually was. It was a very small and very dead mouse. Or, as she saw it, her new best friend and playmate.

Legend speaks of a giant white ape who will throw the  Chosen One into the Great Whirlpool in the Porcelain Sea...

Legend speaks of a giant white ape who will throw the Chosen One into the Great Whirlpool in the Porcelain Sea…

I promptly flushed it down the toilet. Because I live to crush dreams.

Speaking of crushing dreams, all I had to do yesterday was hunt down a brayer and print some postcards. I didn’t manage to get to my studio until 4pm. Even then, it took me a few more trips to my house to get anything done. I did, however, finally print my postcards. My local art store came through with a slightly less than shitty brayer that I bought with a 50% off coupon. That being said, I still got robbed.

Anyway, armed with my new rubber roller, I went to the studio and printed 4 new postcards. Check ’em out:

New Postcards

I still have a few more that I want to print. One is going to be the partner to the “Get Well Soon” card and it will read “I Hope You Die”. I am going to play on both sides in the greeting card game. Heart felt niceties? Check. Say what you really think? Check as well.

Today? Well, today is Thorsday. The usual exhausting things apply. Except in this case, I will be ignoring yesterday’s cards in order to let the ink dry properly.

Yes. Now I have to do things.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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