Chore Leave.


February 9, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

It’s like shore leave, but you stay at home and work.

And there’s far fewer prostitutes and far less drinking.

Speaking of drinking, I was reminded yesterday that I haven’t had a drink in 8 years. As of yesterday. Whoa. That blows my mind a little.

Yesterday was a conclusion of a weekend of winging it. And by “it” I mean everything in my life. As the Tao would say, I went with the flow of life.

I did mostly chores around the house.

At some point, Teacher Sis and Lord Steel Bear ran out of gas while out galavanting. I went to help by bringing gas. Turns out the fuel pump is taking a shit. So, I got to tow them back to their house. They bought me dinner at the Sizzler for helping. It was AWESOME.


I also spent a giant chunk of yesterday putting all of Furious Jessy’s tutelage to good use. I worked on the store section of the site for hours. I even went to my studio to photograph more work and count inventory. The store should be live as soon as she checks my work and gives me an A+.

I was going to make the rest of this post about the scientific method, but I stayed up too late talking to Angie the Queen of Kings and didn’t do the necessary preparations, so another time then. Soon. I promise.

Today is Monday. That means I have loads of things to do. Workout is a given. After that I have Nerd Club and work. I might try to squeeze in a little printing for good measure. But I might just save that for tomorrow.

Anyway, have a great week.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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