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February 5, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

About Asian-Americans.

Inside of a fortune cookie.

I’d like to begin by wishing Happy Birthday to the Ground.

Yesterday, I accomplished all that I set out to do.

I sorted through all 1400 derby photos. The best (around) are here.

I scored a badass Hulkamania t-shirt on clearance for $5. I promptly removed the extraneous fabric known as the “sleeves”. And then I wrestled with the urge to rip it open. This happened, though

If you want to see it in its full color glory, feast your eyes on this:


After that, I really didn’t have to do much else. I could’ve just retired for the rest of my days.

But alas, I kept on.

I finished carving this linoleum block of text for my new posters. Then, I went to grab some dinner with Teacher Sis and lend her my expertise on the subject of paper selection.

After that good time, I was going to go home and take a much needed shower, but I said “What the hell?” and decided to start printing the new poster. I got round one done:


Fear not! I am so efficient at getting ink onto paper, that I had time for that shower after all.

Oh! I nearly forgot. My logo stamp that I ordered Tuesday was ready yesterday. That pleased me to no end. I went ahead and put it through its paces by stamping the backs of most of the new postcards. The ones I hadn’t printed the press name on already, that is. I even tested it out on a few envelopes. It is ridiculously badass. I can’t be more pleased with the logo and the stamp. Check it:


I’m like a for real company and shit. Now give me your money!

Today is Thorsday. To honor the god of love, I plan on working out a lot and printing this poster.

I’d better get to honoring him. Ere his father sends the ravens.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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