The Gameplan.


February 17, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

Shred it. Burn it.

Break the drawing board. Burn that too.

Yesterday was a productive day.


Not really.

I slept in because workout got cancelled. I ate brownies for breakfast. I made a post and hiked through the ice to my studio. I proofed my small collection of cuts and ornaments.


I came home, ate some chili/refried beans, and watched terrible old romantic comedies.

Then, I ate some more of the hot brown and watched a good recent movie. I finally got around to watching Chef. It was excellent. And the soundtrack was ridiculously good. It made the movie go from good to great.

I have it now. The soundtrack, that is.

I’ll be listening to it today. As I construct a new drawing board. On which I will draft the new plan. For world domination.

Prepare your anuses.

I warned you that I was cleaning house.

And I am.

Or I will be.



Once I get done printing a bunch of stuff to sell you.

I really need to get back to archery. It’s a bit cold right now, though.

I have no idea what today holds in store for me. If the weather manages to be not shitty, I’ll have workout and work. If it is shitty, I’ll probably go print something. Or maybe work on getting my drying line hung up.

I should probably go find out.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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