February 12, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

My ability to be over-productive.

I’d like to begin today by wishing all of you a very Happy Chuck D Day! Be thankful you weren’t artificially selected like dogs. (Even though that’s how I think of you.)


Yesterday was intense.

I started the day with a not-so-brutal-as-the-rest-of-the-week workout, took Rudie to the vet to have her lady parts removed, and finished my pre-breakfast routine by deadlifting my own body weight. That’s right 170lbs. (77kg). If you want to see me lift that much weight, go find my Instagram or Facebook page. It’s on there. To be totally honest, I didn’t level up to 170 pounds yesterday. I leveled up to 175 (79kg). After I made the video, I said “What the hell?” and went ahead and added 5 more pounds. Booyah. Lifting heavy things.

After workout, I had a nice big breakfast.

Then I went to my studio to check on the postcards that I printed Tuesday. They were mostly dry, so I reached out to Mike Tango to see how many he wanted. I’m glad I printed extra because he ordered almost all I had. I’m also glad I talked myself out of putting my type away after printing. I also woke Taco Planet up so we could get his stuff that I’ve been storing for him.

I had some time to kill before Taco Planet was going to be awake enough to move some of his stuff out of my attic, so I went ahead and printed another round of those postcards.

Then, we moved stuff.

Then, I went to meet up with Mike Tango and deliver his new cards to him. Getting paid, son. I’m officially in business. First order after the store went live is signed, sealed, paid for, and delivered.

Since I had some freshly earned folding money in my pocket, I did what any responsible adult would do. I went to the bar. Not to drink. Who does that? I went to have a photoshoot with the La Duchess. We were shooting Prince Jazzbo as he mixed cocktails. The full set is here, if you wanna check ’em out. My favorite shot is this one:


For one split second, you wouldn’t know my brother was a dingus.

From there, I headed to pick one of my students up from school. We stopped by and grabbed Rudie, dropped her off at Holliday Island, and headed to the ranch to tutor.

And that summed up my day. I was tired by the time bedtime rolled around. At 8:30pm.

Today is going to be just as tiring. Workout, bank run for Jesus, breakfast, errands, studio work, day job work, another workout, and family dinner.

Notice that I didn’t mention sitting down and relaxing.

Happy Thorsday.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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