So Now What Are We Going To Do?


March 28, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

With the rest of this drifter?

I’ll get right to the most important things first.

Back Alley Troy called me yesterday morning to inform me that he was on his way to Little Rock to get a new kidney. Well, new to him. Someone had died in a car crash and their kidneys were being donated. He said they’d have to run a few tests (hopefully not a grammar test) and if he passed, they’d install the new kidney. Last I had heard he had passed the tests and was in and out of surgery. Achievement unlocked: New Kidney!

That’s all I know about that. I’ll keep you posted as I hear more.

Yesterday was pretty exciting.

I finally proofed a bunch of the ornaments and cuts I had collected over the past few weeks. And they all proofed beautifully.

ProofsWhile I was at the shop, I was visited by a handful of people. All of which bought things. I like money. Money pays for things. Like my truck.

I finally got the labor claim issues resolved with the parts store yesterday. So, I was finally able to pay my mechanic for the work he did last week. Everyone was happy.

I was happy because, after selling things to my friends and paying off the truck, I had enough money left to buy those theater seats I’ve been lusting after.


And as a bonus, I snaked them out from under my brother. Sometimes you just have to remind your younger siblings that you are still older than them. Teacher Sis does it to me, I do it to Prince Jazzbo. All’s fair in furniture and family.

Rumor has it that he has his eye on another pair that match these. And it just so happens that I can fit four seats into my office…

Today is a busy day.

I’m supposed to help Le Duc with some stuff around Lippincottonia.

I’m supposed to file my taxes in order to find out if I can ever leave my house again.

I’m supposed to have lunch with Word to Me.

I’m supposed to slap you in the mouth.

Sorry, but your mom asked me to. She said that you needed your attitude realigned. Something about “a rap on the beak” and “getting some respect around here”. No idea. But she told me she’d make me lasagna if I did it. So, them’s the breaks, holmes.

See ya’ in a little bit.

More soon. ~SC


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