Spider Rolled In.


April 6, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

From Hollister burn. With a one-eyed stolen mare.

I’d like to begin by wishing the Blacksmith a very Happy Birthday. Be sure to do so as well.

Strange how much the world can change in only a week. Think on how differently things were last Monday. Sure, the post is just as uninteresting then as it is now, but look at all the other things that have changed.

The trees have gone from flowers to leaves.

The weather has gone from cold, to hot, to cold again.

It has threatened rain and left us hanging.

It has promised sunshine and then rained on us.

Homelands are going up for sale.

People have made poor decisions and paid the price for it.

Prison'll change a man.

Prison’ll change a man.

I’m in a strange mood, I’ll own that, but things they are a changin’.

As for my Easter, I spent most of the day doing housework. I had the only holiday meal worthy of Jesus, tacos, with Teacher Sis, Lord Steel Bear, Bubba Fett the Frost Giant, Prop Ninja, and Zab’z.

Drunk on tacos.

Then, the Rev. Dark Wombat and I got caught up on “the Flash” and “Arrow”. Whoa. Shit is getting real.

And that brings us up to now.

Which means it’s time for workout. This week is assessment week. We’ve got a new system we’re gonna try out. And that begins now.

After that, work. And adventure.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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