I’m Going to Go All Barry Allen.


May 6, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

On Captain Cold when I find him.

Someone gave me a cold. That person, as my Nanny would put it, is a shit-ass.

And when I find them, because I will find them, I’m going to slap them right in the mouth. Archie slap them.


I do love that movie.

My Tuesday was hectic. Compounded by the lack of oxygen because of my new mucous-related breathing problems (on top of my pre-existing breathing problems) and my constant chugging of DayQuil (orange drank). Lots of stairs. Lots of push-ups. Lots of mucous.

Today, thankfully, is Lord Kelvin’s Day of Rest.

I slept in thanks to NyQuil (purple drank). But there’s no rest day like a busy rest day. I’ve got an order of really big sheets of chipboard coming in today. Sheets that have to be picked up from the warehouse in Greenwood, loaded into the truck, taken to the studio, carried upstairs, and cut down to a manageable size.

I also need a shower and a shave.

And whatever else work throws at me.

I’m off to be a real rocknrolla.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. Teacher Sis says:

    You didn’t wish Janie J’s favorite musician a Happy Birthday! Happy 70th Bob Segar!

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