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I have no idea why I wanted to call the post that. I had an idea yesterday. Now? No clue.

Yesterday was a crazy busy day. And then, like the clouds on a stormy day, it just opened up and wasn’t busy any more. So, I printed this card:

Whoopty Friggin Doo

I had been wanting to print this for a while, but, for some stupid reason, I kept putting it off because I kept thinking I needed to print a “Congratulations” card first. I came to my senses yesterday and printed it.

Perhaps, it is because I know I’ll probably never print the congrats card. Because who would send one when you could send this one instead?

At some point I spent an hour waiting on an exterminator who had already come and gone, but no one told me. During my wait I finished the new Hawkeye series. (Not to be confused with All-New Hawkeye.) The last issue finally came out on Wednesday. It was worth the wait.

I also started reading the new Ms. Marvel.


I’m about 5 issues in at this point. It is really good. If I haven’t already thanked them for the suggestion, thank you to Bug and Tiger for the suggestion. And Whoopty Friggin Doo on getting married.

Today is Friday.

That’s all I got about it being Friday.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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