Lost In Space.


September 16, 2016 by sandwichcontrol

Seriously though.

Today’s song is “Crazy” by Willie Nelson. It is being brought to you today by Le Duc.

This is perfect for today.

I was just getting back to normal and I get to hit the road again. This time to attend the Heat’s wedding in Alabama.

I won’t be gone long, but there’ll be no posts this weekend.

Yesterday was spent just getting my life to a stopping place so I could leave it for a couple of days.

I finished that up and started packing for the wedding.

Oh, and I took the Daily Photo…

"MX Missiles"

“MX Missiles”

Yes, that’s a real tooth.

Yes, it’s mine.

Okay, let’s get this shit show on the road.

Wish us luck.

See ya’ in a few days.

More soon. ~SC


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