That’s a Harp of a Different Color.


January 7, 2017 by sandwichcontrol

But the song remains identical.

Today’s theme, whoa I almost just typed song. Old habits die hard I guess.


Today’s theme is: Animal.

Yesterday was a snow day.

I hiked over to the studio early in the day and got busy. I printed more of the, let’s call them “tags”, for Bad News, Kathy. I’m up to around 160 of them so far. They might be my favorite thing that I’ve printed so far.

I also worked on a few little projects. I’m moving them forward slowly. Like an inch worm.

Then I took the Daily Photo of La Duchess…

January 6

At some point mid afternoon I headed home to eat tortellini and watch Harry Potter. Because snow day.

I crashed early so I could sleep in this morning.

Today I am going on a progressive spa date with Jitterbug. We are going for two glorious hours of quiet and relaxation. One hour of massage and one hour in a sensory deprivation float tank. It’s gonna be heavenly.

No idea what I’m doing after that.

Tomorrow I am going to rest and putter.

See ya’ on Monday.

More soon. ~SC


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