The Beginning.


January 20, 2017 by sandwichcontrol

In the end.

Today’s theme is: In Disguise.

Time for Jesus.

Yesterday was jam packed as predicted.

I did all the work I had intended to do.

Then, I surveyed Lippincottonia to really get a feel for the magnitude of the job I have ahead of me. It’s intimidating. To say the least.

But I’ll be fine.

I’ve faced way more daunting tasks.

Like sleeping with your mother.

And grandmother.

At the same time.

I ended my day there by taking the photo…

January 19

I ended Thursday with more tacos and with trailers.

The Rev. Dark Wombat sent me this one…

Which is a movie that was made specifically for me.

So, I sent him this one…

Which is a movie that was made specifically for me.

Seriously. I watched them back to back like a dozen times.

Today’s the day. I’m taking the Royal Family to Dallas. Tomorrow they fly to Guatemala.

And then my reign of terror begins.

Be sure to send us good road doogies today and them good flying doogies tomorrow.

Since I’ll be gone, no post again until Monday.

See ya’ then.

More soon. ~SC


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