Ain’t Nothin’ Ever Easy.


February 11, 2017 by sandwichcontrol



Today’s theme is: Portrait.

I’m so ready to be done with working on this house and just be living in it and not killing myself trying to get things done.

I knocked my work out early yesterday so that I could get into the new kitchen and wrap up the painting.

But first…

I wanted to finish prepping the rest of the house for paint. I have a select few, highly-trained individuals coming over today to help paint and eat cupcakes and I needed to make the house as ready for them as possible. The last thing I want this morning is for people to be standing around while I take outlet covers off.

So, one little bit of prep that needed doing was the sink in the guest bathroom needed to be updated. I have the new cabinet and sink, so I figured I’d pull the old one so we can paint the wall behind it and then set then new one in place when we’re done. Right? Right.

Big mistake. Well, not really, but still. Let’s just say that the cascade of problems that became apparent once I finally got the sink out was enough to prevent me from painting the kitchen until 6pm. Granted I had to go back to work-work for a bit and I took a small dinner break before I ended up killing someone with my hands, but you get the idea. The combination of shitty craftsmanship and general decay was pretty demoralizing. But’s it’s all better now thanks to Taco Planet being a skilled plumber and subsequently not having a job so he can fix things at my slightest of whims.

Luckily, Le Duc didn’t take the water key to Guatemala…

February 10

Yeah. Yesterday was another shitshow. In a week full of them.

Today’s shitshow is gonna be so rad.

I’m gonna get over there early to get the kitchen a little closer to done before my pros show up.

Tomorrow I’m taking myself on a date to see Lego Batman. And I’m doing laundry.

See ya’ on Monday.

More soon. ~SC


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