Dead Lobsters.


July 23, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

Tell no tails.

I’m back again. Again.

I know you want to hear all about my trip.

But I don’t care.


Because the first two volumes of Steve Lichman arrived yesterday!

I read the last of my physical comics over the past week in preparation for this. I’m all caught up.

I started volume one last night, but didn’t get very far because I am very busy and important.

But today it’s on.


The trip.

I left the house at 4am on Sunday morning. Because I am a crazy person.

Three flights later I was in Maine doing what I do…

Sunday, July 15

On Monday we started the great hunt for supplies…

Monday, July 16

And I ate a whole lobster.

Tuesday was a day of farmer’s markets and antique shops. It also got super foggy so Frankie and I made time for a little spooky beach walking…

Tuesday, July 17

I had fish-n-chips for dinner.

On Wednesday I went on another supply run. It was warm that day so I cooled off by walking around in the cold-ass water…

Wednesday, July 18

I ate my first raw oyster that day. Which confirmed my hypothesis that I don’t like oysters. Period.

I also ate a freshly murdered chicken with root veggies from the farmer’s market and fresh herbs and veggies from the gardens.

On Thursday, we prepped the house for a dinner party. It was a ladies only kind of dinner party, so I hid back under my rock…

Thursday, July 19

The chefs love me though so they snuck me a plate of wonderful food. Lamb and shrimp and forbidden rice with veggies and aged cheeses and some magenta stuff that was bright and acidic.

After everyone left, I snuck out and had a big slice of fresh local blueberry pie with fresh local vanilla ice cream. Then I died.

On Friday, we got up bright and early and hit an estate sale. I scored a fucking huge, gorgeous, old dictionary for $15.

We hit a few other little stores in the area and then had a bit of lunch. I had a lobster roll. Which was amazing.

When we got back to the house we were pretty wiped out so I went hunting sea glass…

Friday, July 20

I had a pretty quiet evening of leftovers and comics.

And alas it was time to return home. So I packed as well.

On Saturday morning, before I headed to the airport, Frankie and I went down to have a little bit more beach time together…

Saturday, July 21

Then I airported all fucking day. My flights kept getting bumped back. Which afforded me the opportunity to get my steps in. As well as finish up the last of my physical comics. It was all iPad the rest of the journey.

I finally made it home around 2am Saturday night/Sunday morning.

I got a little sleep and then hit the ground running.

I’m back to housesitting, so I did laundry and showered. Then I headed off to one of my three homes…

Sunday, July 22

Crazy eyes and all.

I got groceries bought for the week and then went for a run with Jitterbug.

I read a little Steve Lichman and passed the fuck out.

Today is Monday. Even though I could’ve sworn yesterday was Monday too.

So I get to do more Monday things.

Like do push-ups.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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