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January 19, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

Became Yul Brynner.

Happy Popcorn Day!!!

January 19 – Popcorn Day

Feel free to eat all the sweet popcorn in the world today. Kettle corn, caramel corn, toffee corn, chocolate corn, etc.

They’re all yours.

I want none of that.

You’d better save me some of those savory flavors, though. I’d kill for some sour cream & onion right about now.

Or white cheddar.

Even just buttered.


So good.

I kicked yesterday’s ass.

I had a bit of a head start because I cranked so much out on Thursday. I was done with the majority of my work-work by noon.

So I spent the afternoon and evening resting.


Only kidding.

I spent it working on home-work.

I’ve almost got my closet completely reorganized and moved over to the media room.

I’ll hopefully be tackling the rest of that today.

I’m gonna get back to work.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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