February 7, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

You just surprise yourself.

Like I never would’ve thought that I’d be the kind of person that could lose a classroom scale laminated periodic table of elements, but I did.

So I am.

It’s kind of astounding really.

How the fuck do you lose something that big?!

I had something much bigger planned for today, but I lost it apparently.

So I had to scale things down.

Happy Periodic Table Day!

February 07 – Periodic Table Day

Yesterday was a good day.

I did things at a leisurely pace.

I didn’t rush around at all.

And it was heavenly.

I finally feel a little rested.

Because, let’s be honest, I still did a shitload of stuff.

But I also got to read some comics and drink some coffee.

I got the trim put back up around the front door. I need to clean up the edges, caulk it, and then paint it. But overall it looks like a front door again.

It pleases me.

You know what else is gonna please me?

The look on people’s faces when they try to walk in my house and are greeted by a locked door. It’s gonna be amazing.

Maybe I’ll rig a camera up to take a photo every time someone tries to turn a locked handle.

On second thought, maybe not. Unless you want to see a whole gallery of photos of me being pissed off at myself for forgetting that I locked the doors and am trying to carry ALL the groceries in on one trip to “save time”.

Today is Thursday.

What a shit storm this will be.


Because it’s Thursday.

And Thursday is a shit storm.

Can’t change the nature of things.

All right. Jesus awaits.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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