Your Head IS Crooked.


April 17, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

But your part is straight.

Happy Haiku Day!

April 17 – Haiku Day

No seriously. A year of naps. It’s gonna be amazing.

Yesterday got crazy fast.

I ran a bunch of errands after napping off my leg day workout and one mile run.

Then I took my boss’ dog Belle to the vet because she was having some problems breathing and had a cough.

She then died at the vet of congestive heart failure because her heart was swollen three times its normal size. Which was what caused the breathing problems apparently.

It came out of nowhere and all of us were totally caught off guard.

The ranch crew dug a nice grave for her near one of the most scenic areas and I buried her.

She was a pretty good little dog.

Frankie and I will miss her.

That was the biggest chunk of my day.

And pretty much all I could wrap my head around.

Sure I did other stuff like weedeat at Jitterbug’s old house and buy huge bags of candy at Sam’s Club, but those things aren’t memories. Belle is a memory.

I did have a two year old tell me that I smell like fish, though.

That’s gotta count for something in the memory bank.

Speaking of memory, apparently I ordered a comicbook. I even wrote down the charge in my checkbook.


I seriously got an email saying my order was shipped and paid for. I was completely confused.

This is why I need to nap.

Speaking of naps…

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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