Shark Shoesies.


May 10, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

And the harpoon gun blues.

Happy Clean Up Your Room Day!

May 10 – Clean Up Your Room Day

I’m planning on doing some comicbook organization today and throughout the weekend so that our bedroom looks less shitty.

Yesterday was packed to the gills.

It wasn’t until bedtime that I remembered that I had intended to go to the end of the year party at Underground Ink.


I think that’s the first one I’ve ever missed since we started having them back in 2009.

When I say things like that, it blows my mind a little.

I started printing over a decade ago.

That’s crazy talk.

Which was ten years after I graduated high school.

Even crazier.


Aging is weird.

I’m definitely way more tired than I used to be.

The kiddos just drain all of the energy out of me.

They’re like a cross between a barely house-broken feral dog and a psychic vampire.

I feel like that’s the plot of the next Underworld movie.

Like a weird twist on the Parent Trap. But with Kate Beckinsale.


I need to go to work now.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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