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July 21, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

On an out of tune jaw harp.

Happy Tug-of-War Day!

July 21 – Tug-of-War Day

We slept in yesterday.

And it was awesome.

Because when we finally got up and around we were ready to kick ass and take names.

And we were all out of names.

We got the last of the furniture moved into the basement and all set up.

While Jitterbug was at Aldis the Goldenboy’s baseball tryout, the girls and I organized a bunch of shit.

I got the bookshelves in the bedroom switched around so all the comics are together and the rest of the shelves make more sense layout-wise.

We then had a spot of lunch and once the baseball tryouts were over we all worked around the house organizing and cleaning up and setting up the house.

The basement is finally a real room again.

Jitterbug posted some photos on the Facebook if you wanna see what the fuck I’m talking about.

After that, I settled in to packing for this trip.

I’ll be rolling out later today to camp out until my flight which is stupid early in the morning.

Until then I’m going to hangout and shower and read comics.

I packed a ridiculous amount in my bags and I’ve got more coming up with Jitterbug.

And then I’ve got my backup stash on the iPad.

I should be able to survive the week.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if I did manage to read all the stuff I’m taking? I’d be well on my way to catching up on the mountain of comics I want to read.

Fingers crossed that I actually read them all.

What a grown-up thing to hope for.

When I was younger my fantasies were about exotic trysts and winning the lottery.

Now all I fantasize about is getting to read all the comics I want.

Maybe it’s because I’ve already won the lottery.

I mean, you’ve met Jitterbug, right?

I’m so fucking lucky that all I can really ask for out of life anymore is that I get to read comics.

Speaking of which, I’m going to go read while the house is empty.

I think she is taking over the post in the morning. So…

I’ll see ya’ in a week or so.

More soon. ~SC


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