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August 23, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

In flibbertigibbet.


The shit I think of when I’m running.

I’d like to begin this morning’s post by wishing a very Happy Birthday to the Blackwood Sisters, Lightning and Shimmy Shimmy. Be sure to wish those two wonder twins a happy one as well.

Also, Happy Hug Your Sweetheart Day!

August 23 – Hug Your Sweetheart Day

Mr. Boobodie just thought we were randomly hugging and was about to start a group hug until he realized that the camera was about to take a photo and he panicked.

You’ll note that he didn’t question that he stumbled upon us randomly hugging in the front hall. Because we get found like that constantly by the children. At which point they either groan and roll their eyes or they start the group hug.

I actually love that.

I hadn’t really thought about it until now. We hold each other a lot. I guess because it’s natural.

I’m gonna stop overthinking it now.

And just resume enjoying my amazing love.

I’m really glad the rain held off until last night.

I wouldn’t have been able to keep my eyes open all day otherwise.

It was already pretty touch-n-go at certain points in the day.

But I got a lot accomplished.

And I even managed to get some comics read.

Oh my cod. It felt so good to read some single issues.

Today is Friday.

I have a bunch of normal stuff to do.

Then comics.

So hard.

And maybe a nap this afternoon.

I can’t wait.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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