Letting the Pressure Build Up.


April 30, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

Then releasing it as a laugh just before my head explodes.

I spent all day yesterday waiting around.

It was exhausting…

April 30, 2020

I felt a little off all day, too.

Like this little undercurrent of negativity just ran through everything I did or said.

But then it projected back at me off of people and things like a weird fun house mirror.

Like an echo letting me know that it wasn’t other people that we off. Just me.

Was I imagining the look of revulsion on all their faces?


Because figuring what people are emoting is not my strong suit.

Getting shit done is.

And thank cod it’s Thursday.

A day of getting shit done.

And boy do I have a lot of it on my plate that needs spinning.

I’m off to it.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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