‘Cause I’m a Cowboy.


July 21, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

On a T Rex I ride.

I’m wanted.

Dead or alive.

Yesterday was better.

Whether because I got up early, or because I went for a run, or because I got to sit in relative silence all day, I can’t say for certain.

All I know is that it was better for me.

Jitterbug, on the other hand, wasn’t feeling so hot.

Part of me felt guilty for passing off my bad vibes to my favorite empath.

The rest of me is a sociopath and was glad to be rid of them

I did feel like I got back into the groove of things, though.

I got 4 certifications.

I did a Spanish lesson.

I started learning ASL online.

I did a bunch of oddjobs at the office.

And I even rested my eyes here and there throughout the day…

Since I was on a high, mood wise, I went ahead and asked my doc to up my meds.

Because as much as I want my family to have to endure me being an irrational grump for 48 hours at a time, oh wait, I don’t want that.

I barely can tolerate myself when I’m like that.

I can’t even imagine the avoidance behaviors that shit is breeding in the people around me.

No thanks.

I think I’ll just skip out on taking my emotional and mental problems out on the people I care most about.

Today is Tuesday.

I’m going to attempt to keep the positive momentum going.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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