I’m Definitely Not Into Warm Poop.


October 19, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

But sometimes your niece is a raccoon.

So I didn’t play baseball Friday night.

Because I got a heading early in the day and it just progressively worse as the day wore on.

So I stayed home while the family went to baseball.

I went for a quiet walk and then went to fucking bed…


It was like 8:30pm.

I was done.

We got up not super early on Saturday and I went for a quick run around the campus for the UAFS Alumni Lion’s 5k.

Then rest day got to start.

We did some yoga and meditation.

Then Jitterbug took the kiddos to buy clothes and I headed out to Teacher Sis’s classroom to work on her robotics deathmatch field.

My headache still wasn’t through torturing me, so I decided to eat a shitload of Chinese food, a handful of Aleve, and an English toffee ice cream bar and then pass the fuck out…

Thankfully the ice cream and Chinese food worked and I woke up without a headache.

Which was especially awesome because our workout was brutal.

Then we did chores and got ready for an afternoon cookout.

It was our day off between rounds of Hard 75, so we decided that we could splurge a little with our calories.

I ate a whole pack of those vanilla Biscoff sandwich cookies.

Then I went into a diabetic coma for a few hours…

It was totally worth it to eat well and workout a shitload for 75 straight days if I’m able to eat a whole thing of cookies at the end.

That being said, day one starts now.

January 01 is day 75.

And then it’s cookie day.

I bet there will still be some of those Grismas butter cookies hanging around.

Probably even on clearance.


A plan is forming.

As for today, it’s leg day.

And then I’m going to start building a robot.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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