Knowing When to Hold ‘Em.


October 22, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

And knowing when to not hold ’em anymore?

Yesterday I decided to take a nap.

First thing in the morning.

Well technically it wasn’t first thing.

It was after workout, and breakfast, and coffee, and getting one out of the house off to start their day.

Then I napped.

Otherwise I don’t know if I could’ve made it through the day without choking a motherfucker out.

I don’t know if I have stressed this lately, or ever before on here, but I’m fucking tired.

I had started to feel like I was getting caught back up with being rested and not overwhelmed by about 4.6% last week.

And then I immediately dropped back in the red this week.

Like super fast.

I seriously have to keep moving in order to taste awake.

I barely made it through dinner…

With that in mind, and given all that I have to do today and all weekend, I’m taking tomorrow off.

Like completely off.

No clients.

No housework.

No work emails.

No post.

No phone calls about anything involving me working on anything.


The phone will be on silent all day.

The only reason you should be trying to get ahold of me is to find out where to send the pizzas.

But not really.

I already have pizzas at the house.

So that means if you need me for anything, it’ll have to wait until Saturday.

My plan is to get up and workout, eat breakfast, drink coffee, send everyone off to their day, and then go back to bed.

I plan on napping and reading all day.

That’s my plan.




But alas, that’s tomorrow.

And today there is much to get done before I rest.

I’m going to go get it started.

See ya’ on Saturday.

More soon. ~SC


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