October 30, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

Stop checking yourself out in my face, homegirl.

Yesterday was so very extra Thursday.

I think an example is in order.

After picking up a package for a client, that they hadn’t ordered, and having taken to the wrong location on their request, I then took the unordered package to the correct location.

Where I was greeted by to technicians from a exterminator company that my client doesn’t use who were there to inspect the building next door for termites.

After explaining to them that we have a contract with a different company, they showed me a paid invoice with a check number that had been given to them in July by cod knows who at the building.

So I took them next door to let them inspect for termites.

Where I discovered what I could only assume from their dress, demeanor, and abrupt vacating of the premises, were three squatters that were taking up residence in the building.

After informing my clients and being told to immediately alert the authorities, I called 911 and wrapped up the termite inspection that was still going on all throughout the whole random strangers possibly living in this abandoned building that I just suddenly became in charge of.

Now that I’m waiting for cops to come scope things out, I have to phone my next client to inform them that I can’t go get the lunch for their meeting because I’m suddenly occupied for the foreseeable future.

As soon as I get off the phone with that client, my first client shows up to tell me that he just got off the phone with his contractor who is supposed to starting work on the building next week, but they decided to get a head start unannounced.

So they weren’t squatters, they were just demolition guys.

And they weren’t fleeing because I just busted them, they were breaking for lunch.

Because lunchtime.

So I called 911 back and explained the mistake.

Then I rush over to the restaurant to grab the lunch for the client because I tried calling their receptionist who would be going to grab the lunch in my stead, but I couldn’t reach her.

So of course she waiting at the restaurant when I got there.

I tagged her out so she could get back to the office and then I waited for another 10 minutes and grabbed the food.

I rushed it back over to my clients office, handed it to the receptionist I had just relieved, and then headed back out to get back to my errands.

That was 45 minutes of my morning.

And it was like that, to varying degrees, all day long.

Also, oatmeal is super filling.

I tried desperately to get to bed early…

But people were on my bed.

All the people.

Today is looking to be a little more relaxed than yesterday.

Which is a pretty low bar.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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