Hey, It’s Just Like That Scene From “Lady and the Tramp”!


November 30, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

Yeah, exactly. But with trash.

What a long and restful weekend.


On Saturday I worked on my trailer for a while after our workout and breakfast stuff.

Then we went shopping for Grismas lights.

In public.

With the masses of Grismas shoppers.

I hated everyone by the end of that trip.

So I spent the very brief evening listening to Russian folk music in my headphones and working on the photo project…

On Sunday it rained.

So I climbed up on the roof and put Grismas lights up.

Because I love Grismas.



While I was up there muttering profanities to myself, everyone else covered the inside of the house with decorations.

I spent the rest of the day attempting to find a place in the house that wasn’t decorated and/or playing Grismas music.

Finally I just gave up…

Now it’s Monday again.

And it’s time for me to go back to work.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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