Marshalling All My Mental Powers.


March 22, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

Just to accomplish the most menial of tasks.

The word of the day is: Defenestrated.

[ dee-fen-uh-streyt ]
verb (used with object), de·fen·es·trat·ed, de·fen·es·trat·ing.
to throw (a person or thing) out of a window:
A Portuguese bishop, accused of conspiring with the leaders of Castile, was defenestrated from the north tower of Lisbon’s cathedral in 1383.
to suddenly remove (a person) from an important position or office:
The chief executive was defenestrated after a corruption investigation.

Yesterday I got up later than normal.

Some might call it “sleeping in”.

I call it a good way to spend the day with a headache because my body didn’t get coffee early enough.

Which is what I did.

We opted to not work on the fence.

So I managed to spend the day peopling all day again.

Which did wonders for my headache and overall mood.

I did get some holes that the dog dug all over the yard refilled with dirt.

And I spread a shitload of flower seeds ahead of the rain they are forecasting for later today.

Hopefully that front yard we’ve been clearing will soon be a field of flowers.

In preparation for all the beehives that will one day be part of my apiaric dominion.

After I managed to get some alone time in I spent it get all the steps I needed to hit my 10,000 mark.

Then I showered off the dust and smoke of the weekend and hit the sack in a an attempt to shake that brutal headache.

So far it appears as though it worked.

But time will tell.

I’m going to drink coffee now to prevent spending my Monday like I spent yesterday.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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