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March 20, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

And his infected hangnail.

The word of the day is: Dead.

[ ded ]
adjective, dead·er, dead·est.
no longer living; deprived of life:
dead people; dead flowers; dead animals.
the period of greatest darkness, coldness, etc.:
the dead of night; the dead of winter.
the dead, dead persons collectively:
Prayers were recited for the dead.
absolutely; completely:
dead right;
dead tired.
with sudden and total stoppage of motion, action, or the like:
He stopped dead.

What a word of the day for today.

Because it’s Mr. Boobodie’s birthday.

And he and Jitterbug are about to go jump out of an airplane.

And it’s the first day of Spring.

I am going to people so fucking much today.


It’s not like yesterday didn’t wear me out or anything.

It was yet another shitshow in a week of shitshows.

I was all over the place.


And I somehow got roped into facilitating the sale of a box truck?

After running all over the place all day, I got to come home and start cleaning up the yard for the outdoor, social-distancing birthday party we are having for Mr. Boobodie.

After tidying up the million piles of shit I cut down last weekend, I mowed.

And then I grilled chicken for the last sandwich of Sandwich Week.

A grilled chicken sandwich.

Which was Aldis the Goldenboy’s pick.

It was good.


I mean it was grilled chicken breast with veggies and mayo on really good buns.

Kinda hard for it to not be good.

Unless you’re a fucking crybaby, that is.

I put pickles on mine, too.

And I used spicy mayo.

After peopling all day today, I am going to spend all of tomorrow working on a fence.

In quiet.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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