When the Players.


April 28, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

Carpe their DM.

The word of the day is: Flagellant.

[ flaj-uh-luhnt, fluh-jel-uhnt ]
a person who flagellates or scourges himself or herself for religious discipline.
a person who derives sexual pleasure from whipping or being whipped by another person.
(often initial capital letter) one of a medieval European sect of fanatics who practiced scourging in public.
severely criticizing:
a flagellant attack on the opposition party.

I think you meant to say “Yes, sir.”

Yesterday was a second helping of Monday.

I drove back and forth all day.

And waited around for people to turn up.

The headache that wouldn’t end from Monday continued it’s full-court pressure all day yesterday.

Pressure on my right eyeball.

You know I can’t even say that for certain.

It could be my right eyeball, or the top half of the right side of my head, or maybe my whole right side of my body.

I really need some sleep.

Everything is starting to get a little hazy around the edges.

I didn’t get my run in last night because I ran out of time again.

Maybe I’ll be able to get one in today.

If I get back in time.

I have to take a client’s car to Tulsa today to be worked on.

They “think” they can fix it today.

So I may be in Tulsa overnight.

You’ll know if I don’t make a post tomorrow.

Until then.

See ya’ tomorrow?

More soon. ~SC


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