Berry Like the Fruit? No. B-uuu-rrr-y.


June 14, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

Hmm. I don’t like how that’s spelled.

The word of the day is: Kismet.

[ kiz-met, kis- ]
fate; destiny:
It must have been kismet that brought the bride and groom together a year ago.
(in Islam) the arbitrary will of Allah; divinely ordained fate:
complete submission to kismet.

Remember that 5k I ran on Saturday?

Of the 914 people that ran it, I placed 69th in the country, 10th in my age division, and 1st in the state of Arkansas.


That’s crazy talk.

Feel free to buy me a trophy.

Or a medal.

Yesterday was a day of driving.

And not enough coffee.

I think I’m just going to start wearing earplugs all the time.

I saw a thing the other day about people with hearing sensitivities wearing earplugs to reduce stress induced by too much sound.

That should work on everything except my own chewing.

But my bone conduction headphones should be able to drown that out.

My doctor tells me to reduce my stress levels.

Other people and the sounds of other people trigger stress in my brain.

Tune. Them. Out.

Fingers crossed that this works.

Because I don’t know if I can be nice to the children for the next ten years of road trips if I have to listen to them crinkle wrappers and eat cod-only knows what squishy/slimy/crunchy things.

Today is Monday.

I’m going to kick today in the nards.



Also, I might try to make deodorant this week.

Because why not?

If I have time, I may try to teach myself to pick locks.


Time for a run.

And some coddamn coffee.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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