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August 1, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

And the Gangland Boogaloos.

The word of the day is: Peace.

[ pees ]
the normal, nonwarring condition of a nation, group of nations, or the world.
(often initial capital letter) an agreement or treaty between warring or antagonistic nations, groups, etc., to end hostilities and abstain from further fighting or antagonism:
the Peace of Ryswick.
a state of mutual harmony between people or groups, especially in personal relations:
Try to live in peace with your neighbors.
the normal freedom from civil commotion and violence of a community; public order and security:
He was arrested for being drunk and disturbing the peace.
(used to express greeting or farewell or to request quietness or silence).
verb (used without object), peaced, peac·ing.
Obsolete. to be or become silent.

Yesterday was pretty quiet.

Makes sense that today would be peace.

We didn’t really do anything yesterday.

Our workout was all core to give our legs a break from leg day, but it was somehow just more legs.

After breakfast I just took a three hour nap.

Then had more coffee.

I read through the first three volumes of the Black Hammer universe.

Then Jitterbug and I went for a walk.

Then back to bed.

Today is looking to be more of the same.

But now it’s August and everything won’t be awkward anymore.

July is officially awkward month, in case you didn’t get the memo.

And I’m done with that shit.

Be ready August.

I’m not taking any awkwardness from you.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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