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September 23, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

From Brandtsexual Brandtsylvania.

The word of the day is: Scour.

[ skouuhr, skou-er ]
verb (used with object)
to remove dirt, grease, etc., from or to cleanse or polish by hard rubbing, as with a rough or abrasive material:
to scour pots and pans.
to remove (dirt, grease, etc.) from something by hard rubbing:
to scour grease from pots and pans.
verb (used without object)
to rub a surface in order to cleanse or polish it.
to remove dirt, grease, etc.
the act of scouring.
the place scoured.

Yesterday the forestry mulching guys showed up unannounced.

Earning them a surprise attack round.

One of their casters cast Alter Terrain and the other cast Hallucinatory Terrain.

Lippincottonia: 2

Forestry Mulchers: 1.5

We’ve all rolled for initiative.

So we will see what today brings.

I’m guessing it’s going to rain sometime soon.

Because the front hill is primed and ready for a mudslide that will completely fuck up our street.

This has been a very long week already.

And it’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

I’m tired.

Like I couldn’t remember what year it was a few days ago tired.

Like my “slow” day this week I only walked/ran 8.7 miles.

And that was the day I ran a lot at Aldis the Goldenboy’s futbol practice.

The scary part of all that is that today is my busy day.

And I already have a list as big as my weiner.

(Three inches long and five inches in diameter.)

And it’s autumn now.

Which means absolutely nothing in the inevitable heat-death of the sun kind of way.

I will say that the weather the past couple of days is way more my speed.

More than the you-could-possibly-die-if-you-stay-outside-too-long-even-though-you-aren’t-doing-anything-except-sit-in-a-chair weather it has been the past three months.

I need more coffee if I am going to make it through this shitshow.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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