Stacking Up Lettuce.


October 2, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

Pockets drippin’ ranch.

The word of the day is: Sherpa.

[ sher-puh, shur- ]
noun, plural Sher·pas, (especially collectively) Sher·pa.
a member of a people of Tibetan stock living in the Nepalese Himalayas, who often serve as porters on mountain-climbing expeditions.
(sometimes lowercase) an expert chosen by a chief executive to assist in preparations for a summit meeting.

What a fucking week.

It’s so weird that it’s over.

September’s over too.

Fuking weird.

Yesterday was the surreal end to a pretty surreal week.

After a week of a million lists and errands, yesterday just seemed to run out of steam.

It was like everybody was just over it.

I can’t blame them.

It was a lot.

I spent the first half of yesterday dealing with dogs.

And I spent the second half of the day wondering how the first half of the day had gotten by me so quickly.

Man, leftover spaghetti hit the fucking spot for dinner, though.

And I had enough calories left over for the day that I even got to have a bowl of granola for a snack.

That’s the new food obsession.


I’ve been digging this one brand of granola that is made with protein powder.

It gets a little chalky if you eat it dry, but adding some good yogurt is the cure for the powder mouth.

Today is a weekend, yeah?


I can take a nap after the futbol game this morning.

If it doesn’t get rained out.

If the rain stops the match from happening, I’ll get to nap earlier.

And with a thunderstorm as background noise.

The best.

Okay, I guess I’d better go get stretch on.

Got be limer for my nap.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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