The Birth of the Greatest Game.


October 17, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

Of all time.

It’s called “Not a Tow Truck”.

Pray to cod that you never have to play it.

The word of the day is: Sobremesa.

The time spent around the table after lunch or dinner, talking to the people you shared the meal with; time to digest and savor both food and friendship

I don’t normally sit down to eat.

And I don’t like people very much.

I’ve been listening to a lot of European techno lately.

I found a playlist on Spotify called “Beats to think to”.

I just needed some background noise/music to mask whatever was irritating me at the time.

And I’ve been jamming to it pretty nonstop the past couple of days.

It’s really been therapeutic because I’ve been particularly grumpy the past few days.

Part exhaustion, part irritation at my plans being fucking demolished by the universe, a healthy sprinkling of my usual misanthropy, and a light zest of nausea.

Nothing like a flashback to my early 2000s musically to help lighten my psychological load.

I wonder how the “groove” soundtrack holds up?

The “Fight Club” soundtrack definitely holds up still.

Today is rest day.

I may start a fire.

Most of the people I live with will be off doing other things.

I think I’m gonna have some me time with the goddess.

With more techno.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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