Have You Ever Heard of the Band…


January 11, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

The Wiggles?


The theme of the day is: Daughter.


This sums up the girls and my relationship perfectly.

Why the fuck do I have to be awake right now?


I’m so ready to retire.

Then I can just blearily make my way from nap to nap to nap in a heroin-induced haze of not giving a single fuck about getting stuff done.

I will have passed the reins to my kids’ generation.

Let them sort everything out.

If they don’t want the world to be on fire, then they’d better get to work putting it out.

I’m ready to watch the fucker burn.

Maybe roast an all beef frank (two fiddy) or two on the smoldering remains of my childhood home.

The second one.

The first one already had enough fire trauma.

But for real.

I need a nap.

First thing in the morning.

Yesterday was a blur of errands and hurrying up to wait.

Also, the world is getting ready to lock down again.

Everyone can kinda feel it and they’re acting weird.

Weirder than normal.

Like that meme of the dog sitting at the table saying everything is fine while the world is on fire behind them.

So much fire in the post today.

Maybe it’s the goddess trying to tell me something.

Maybe it’s the new comforter we put on our bed.

Either are equally likely.

Don’t think about the comforter.

On the bed.

Where the nap could be happening.

Right now.


I gotta go to work.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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