It Just Sounds Like They Have a Guy Making Special Effects Noises That Sound Like Birds.


January 17, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

They do. That guy is a bird.

Sunday’s theme was: last.

So I took a photo of the last book I had finished before the photo was taken…


I’ve finished others since then.

I was thinking I might start writing blurbs about comics.

Maybe not everyday.

But like once a week or something.

I know that there’s like a half dozen people actually reading this website on the regular.

And I applaud you on your masochism.

But how many times can you read about me farting/pooping, being tired, needing coffee, etc. before you just have to look away?

I mean, I’ve been doing this nearly daily for almost a decade and a half and even I am…

Bored is the wrong word.

Uninspired, maybe?

Unchallenged perhaps?

Maybe I can just feel a change coming.

Like when we did the year of songs.

Something to break up the repetition.

I think it would be different if I could actually talk about work or my family stuff, but the nature of both is kinda private.

It’s one thing for you sickos to know what I’m getting up to, but I’ve kids and shit.

And what they get up is not the general public’s business.

Sure, 99% of the people that read my shit are friends of mine that know what I do for work and know my kids, but there’s still that 1% of people that are total fucking strangers.

And y’all don’t to know shit about shit.

I try to be as publicly open as I can allow, but at the end of the day I don’t know who’s reading this.

It’s one thing for some random person to shout “Hey Sandwich Control!” at me when they spot me at Walmart.

It’s another for them to give a shout out to my kid out in the wild when I’m not with them.

Same kinda goes for my work.

I get elbow deep in people’s lives and randos don’t need to know their shit either.

So you end up getting this watered down, vague-ass story about “my clients” or the sportsball game I went to to watch my kid do the sporting.

I don’t know.

It’s just something I’ve been chewing on for a little bit now.

Like the thing about me writing a book.

To put it another way, I’m starting to feel like I did when I started the photo project originally.

Like I’ve got this thing inside me that needs to build and shape and make stuff.

And right now it is getting a little blocked up.

Like my poop.

It’s all the cheese.

I’ve been craving it lately.

Anyway, that’s where my head is at.

If you’ve got some ideas or thoughts or projects you wanna team up on, gimme a shout at sandwichcontrol at gmail dot com.

Or call me if I actually know who you are.

Clearly I know you.

Because you have my phone number.

As for today, the theme is: waiter.


Observe the behavior of the domesticated Sandwich Control in his native environment.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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