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January 31, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

For expansions to the Lippincottonian military complex.

Today we are proud to announce that the development a series of small, interlinked military bases has begun in Lippincottonia.

These bases will become home to our vast libraries and archives, our central intelligence offices, and each of the noble wings of our glorious military.

With all our resources having a unified and centrally located main headquarters, we will achieve higher levels of transparency and communications between branches of the military and the intelligence communities.

This collective series of complexes will be named for humanitarian and activist Anita No, who was a long-standing member of the movement to bring more government transparency and accountability.

These new centers will allow citizens and visitors to acquire any and all information, forms, documents, and applications in one centrally located area versus the the disjointed and often frustrating multiple location system that we have utilized in the past.

Now all information in Lippincottonia will be on Anita No Bases.

Happy Monday.

Yesterday’s theme was: loose.


I spent most of yesterday in my soft clothes.

Today’s theme is: shy.


She’s the shyest of our house.

Which isn’t saying much.

We are back to this wonderful thing called the work week.

I’m about to go drive for a few hours.

And then I get to come back and do al my normal Monday shit.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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