I Am Way Too Tired.


February 8, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

To deal with the technofear right now.

Today’s theme is: formation.


That’s me sculpting some Play-Doh.

That didn’t really smell like Play-Doh.

I’m hoping it’s just old and losing its smell.

Instead of COVID robbing me of my favorite smell in the whole world.

Yesterday started with a 45 minute workout.

But I paused my watch at 20 minutes to sort out a phone issue.

And forgot to restart the watch.

It’s okay it picked up 18 minutes of the two hours that I scraped ice off of the pavement in front of the office.

The front of the building face north and is in shadow all day.

Why not pour ice melt on the ice instead of scraping it off the ground with a shovel?

I did, motherfucker.

How do you think I got it weak enough to scrape off the sidewalk?

After work we all hustled and went to 8th grade night for Debb the Blebb’s basketball/cheerleading/dance crew.

After the girls’ game was over I took everybody home, threw food in my mouth, and went back to get Debb after the boys’ game was over.

After a last work errand I finally made it home at like 9:30pm.

Just in time for me to whip this post up and crawl into bed.

Because I had workout at 5 this morning.

No rest for the exhausted.

Now I’m going to go buy a ladder and change a million light bulbs.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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