Just Stick It In…


February 15, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

Your medical lozenge machine.

Today’s theme is: sand.


That’s S.A.N.D.


Is that what my fingernails look like?


They are nightmarish.

Yesterday was all the days.

Leg Day.

Dog day.


St. Valentine’s Day.

Not nap day, though.

Which is probably why I was ready for bed by 8pm.

But that’s not something I can get away with at my house.

But it would’ve been awesome.

Today is Tuesday.

It’s total body core day.

I think.

It’s also work on my new “office” day.

I’m emptying out a closet at the office and putting a bunch of my work stuff in it.

It’s also a place I can go hide from people.



Maybe I’ll finish the audiobook I’ve been reading for the entire month of February so far.

It’s taking me forever.

Not because it’s long.

It’s only like 6 hours at normal speed.

I am just not in the headspace for more information right now.

I haven’t read any comics either.

And music is too much for me a lot of the time as well.

I’m spinning a lot of plates these days.

And my brain is politely saying “No, thank you.” to an additional input at the moment.

I did manage to sneak a shower in last night, though.

Before all the coddamn kids used up all the hot water.

More coffee now please.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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