Some People Attempt to Fill The Void In Their Life…


March 8, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

With sex, or alcohol, or drugs. I’ve found that what works best is resignation.

Fills that void right up.

Today’s theme is: resign.


That’s the look I give anybody that says anything to me throughout the course of my day.

Yesterday was a Monday.

I did a ton of shit.

Work stuff, work stuff, work stuff.


The cool part is that I completed and passed my online referee course.

Now all I have to do is attend the field session training and I’ll get my license and badge.

And then it is game on, motherfuckers.

And by motherfuckers, I mean really little kids.

Because that is where I will start out refereeing.

They know nothing.

I know only slightly more.

It works.

As I get more experience refereeing I will get to move up to more advanced games.

I’m assuming that because that was the way they explained it in the online course.

I haven’t talked to anyone in the state about it, so there’s no telling what our local Rules of Competition say about it.

I’m sure I’ll find out this weekend.

Fuck the next few weeks are going to be so fucking busy as fuck.


We have all the normal weekday stuff this week and next week.

I have my ref field session this weekend.

Next weekend is Sweetbread’s wedding.

Then spring break with the kids.

Then birthdays and my anniversary to round the month out and begin the next.

I’m sure glad I chose now to start a zine.

Well, no one ever said I wasn’t a friggin’ idiot.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. Susie says:

    *BLOWS WHISTLE* Get back out there and play harder!!

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