Putting the Cabinet.


April 6, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

In cabin.

Now with paint!

I didn’t make a post yesterday.

I’ll get to the why in a second.

First, I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to the Man with the Plan.

It was yesterday.

Today is not his birthday.

It’s the Blacksmith’s birthday.

Be sure to wish those dudes some good times or whatever.

I remembered birthdays!

So, back to me not posting yesterday.

Monday I spent from 8am until 5pm getting an electric car to the dealership in Dallas for a client.

That’s roughly four hours of driving and four hours of trying to charge the car enough to get me to the dealership.

Then I got a ride to the airport and walked around until my flight.

I finally got home around 10:30pm.

And I didn’t have enough energy left to stay up and make a post.

I’d say that I was sorry.

But I wasn’t.

It was a long day.

The theme for yesterday was: summary.

This is where a photo of me giving a book report on Tale of Sand should be.

But the server isn’t letting me upload photos right now.

Because of course it isn’t.

Today’s theme is: imposter.

This is where a photo of Debb the Blebb dressed up as me should be.

We look so coddamn the same.

I have to go to work now.

Here’s a random photo from the archives so that the post has an image attached to it…

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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